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"Krušik-plastika" a.d. Osečina has been producing technical parts for 40 years as well as mass market items by means of processing thermoreactive resins.
By direct or transfer pressing on machines, closing force from 500 to 1500 kN parts  with wide spectrum of characteristics and applications are obtained.


Materials which are processed in "Krušik-Plastika" are:

1. phenol - formaldehyde
2. urea - formaldehyde
3. melamine - formaldehyde
4. polyester
5. epoxy resins

with fillers such as: oriented and disoriented glass fibres, textile rags, wood flour, cellulose, asbestos, graphite, etc.


Properties of parts made of duroplastic materials:

• Parts  obtained from thermoreactive resins are lighter and cheaper than metals, but have properties similar to them, they are non-corrosive thermomechanically resistant up to 250 degrees C, non-flammable, with stable dimensions, resistant to chemicals and with unliited duration. Parts obtained from amino resins are decorative and with a shiny surface. 
• Parts - assemblies obtained in "Krušik-plastika" a.d. have high technical - technological properties. In terms of configurations, they are extremely complicated with metalgusset pieces or without them. They are fitted in electrical engineering, automobile, special-purpose and other industries or used in mass market.
• For resin pressing activities "Krušik-Plastika" offers services for preparation of technical and technological documentation, construction of tools and consulting services. 
• High level of quality control from entry of material through process control up to the final and acceptance control, with the possibility of laboratory testing ensures guarantee of the product quality. We guarantee quality and at client's request provide the necessary documentation about the quality guarantee.
• Cooperation and connections global manufacturers of thermoreactive resins enable "Krušik-plastika" to achieve your wishes and solve your problems.

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